About Us

Welcome to Shirts and Trousers.com blog. Trading since
September 2011 shirts and trousers.com is open to offer formal shirts and
trousers and a range of casual wear. More and more proucts are find their way to
the  shelves, so please send us an email
with a requests and we will endeavour to look into supplying what you require.

About Rob Corbett


Hello, My name is Rob owner of  Shirts and Trousers.com. This my second
online shop, I have developed my menswear range from big sizes to offer all
sizes from small to 8xl. since launching www.xlme.co.uk
in oct 2010 I have had many requests to offer all Carabou and Rael Brook
products in all sizes.


The reputation of my business Larger than Life is based on
simple customer care. I pride myself in offering a good product and making life
as simple as possible in getting the product to your door. Over many years as a
company representative and a manager of several retail outlets the consistency
for good returning customers is service from a friendly face. That’s why I
encourage anyone who would rather speak to a human being rather than an email to
ring me on 07870880335.

Visit my site today


Thankyou for visiting and I hope to be sending your third
and fourth orders soon.


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